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We spend 20 years of our lives asleep and 5 of those years dreaming and until now we haven’t had really great tools on how to maximize this time.  At Aladdin, we are obsessed with helping you get the best sleep, improve your daily performance by 10% or more and add years to your life.  We want to help you unlock your sleep.

Why is this important?

There are 3 things you need to do to live a long and healthy life: Exercise, Eat Healthy and Get Good Sleep.  While many people are highly focused on exercise and eating healthy, until now there haven’t been the right tools to transform your sleep to maximize the quality of your life.

Stay up-to-date with our evidence-backed technology.



Sleep Optimization

A combination of one device and one smartphone app.

It’s about sleep quality, not just quantity.  Unlike apps, wrist-worn and nightstand devices that attempt to extrapolate sleep stage and quality based on motion, sound and other measurements, Aladdin’s first product uses proprietary EEG monitoring technology to measure a user’s brain waves, the only scientifically accurate way to measure sleep.  We analyze your sleep stage information for you in order to advise, forecast and better your waking performance, improve the quality of your sleep and enhance your overall happiness.

Aladdin is developing proprietary algorithms that will mine the hours of EEG data recorded each night for patterns that will be used to diagnose sleeping disorders, accurately score sleep stages, and predict performance (both mental and physical.)

See The Benefits Of Aladdin

Wake Up Refreshed

Supercharge your morning by waking only after you have achieved the necessary amount of deep sleep. Allow Aladdin to calculate your actual sleep time by using EEG to subtract out any periods of wakefulness from your overall sleep. Choose to wake up only after 7 hours of actual sleep or 90 minutes of deep non-REM sleep. Allow Aladdin to suggest the best time to go to bed based on an analysis of your nightly EEG activity.

Improve Dream Recall

Aladdin is the first consumer product designed to improve your ability to remember your dreams. By knowing what stage of sleep you are in, you can choose to wake up in the morning fresh out of your last REM period when studies show you are far more likely to remember your dreams.

Smart Home Integration

Have you ever woken up in the middle of the night feeling too hot or too cold? Aladdin’s integrated temperature sensor can alert your home automation system to turn on/off the AC to get you comfortable again.
Ever fall asleep with the TV on? Aladdin can have your home automation to turn off the TV once you are asleep. Like to wake up to fresh coffee? As soon as Aladdin reads your EEG to see that you are awake we can have home automation turn on your coffee maker too.

Energy Level Insights

With all of the EEG generated data Aladdin can help you to understand how much quality sleep you got each night. This way you can start your day knowing how likely you are to be at, above, or below peak performance. If you are below peak you might want an extra shot of espresso or simply know that you might underperform at the gym that day. Think of it as the first human battery life meter.



Lucid Dream Stimulation

What is a Lucid Dream?

A lucid dream is any dream where the dreamer becomes aware that they are dreaming.  During a lucid dream, you can learn to take control over your actions and environment- changing the course of the dream itself.

Why is Lucid Dreaming Useful?

For most people, dreams deliver a random set of experiences that happen without our conscious input or control, and only a small percentage of people regularly experience lucid dreams.  When you become the architect of your experience, however, the possibilities are limitless.  Through intention alone, you can travel to distant or fictional places, face fears or reconnect with loved ones, and even further your personal development.  Studies indicate that practicing in a lucid dream improves your waking performance.

Just The Beginning

In addition to its first generation EEG monitoring headband, Aladdin has also developed a headband capable of both EEG monitoring as well as providing a gentle low-current electrical stimulation capable of inducing lucid dreams.  This lucid dream stimulation technique, which was first disclosed by a team of six neuroscientists in a 2014 study published in Nature, was replicated by Aladdin in an IRB-approved clinical study conducted at the Henry Ford Hospital Sleep Center in 2016.

By analyzing what an Aladdin wearer’s EEG looks like on the nights that Aladdin wearers have lucid dreams and comparing that to the EEG for nights without lucid dreams, Aladdin can learn the conditions most correlated with lucid dreaming.  These learnings can be communicated to our users to improve lucid dreaming frequency today and also integrated into our second generation Aladdin product that will actively stimulate lucid dreams in our users.

1 Aladdin Device + 1 Smartphone App

  • The Electrodes

    Three electrodes are integrated into the fabric to passively monitor your stages of sleep.

  • The Microprocessor

    Reads the data from the electrodes and communicates back with the app.

  • The Headband

    Soft, breathable and comfortable.


The Aladdin App

Coming soon for iOS and Android.

Our app contains everything you need to control
your Aladdin device and optimize your sleep.

Aladdin vs. Other Wearables

BenefitsExtrapolates Sleep Via MovementMonitors Brain Activity Via EEGProvides Accurate Sleep Stage DataUses Sleep Stage Data To Improve PerformanceSmart Home IntegrationEnergy Level InsightsImproves Dream Recall
Wrist Wearable𐄂𐄂𐄂𐄂𐄂𐄂

Our Team of Entrepreneurs, scientists, and doctors.


Craig Weiss

Founder & CEO


Joshua Klein, M.D., Ph.D.

Scientific Advisory Board


Daniel Lieberman, M.D.

Scientific Advisory Board


Chris Drake, Ph.D.

Scientific Advisory Board


Pranav Jagtap, MD

Scientific Advisory Board


Jordan Eisenberg

Board Advisor


Moran Cerf, PhD.

Scientific Advisor Board


Lucid Dreaming has been around for thousands of years. A recent study (Voss) showed that stimulation could dramatically incease the likelihood of lucid dreaming, a result we have duplicated in our own studies. So we set out to bring this technology to the masses.

Electrical stimulation is common in medical practice. For instance, TENS units are using commonly in Physical Therapy, neuro-stimulation is used for the treatment of depression and anxiety and electrical stimulation is even being utilized directly inside the brain for the treatment of Parkinsons and other motor movement disorders.

The Aladdin Lucid Dream Stimulator is not designed to adversely affect your sleep in any way. While the Aladdin Stimulator uses EEG recording technology throughout your asleep, it is only stimulating you while you are dreaming, which is a small percentage of the overall time that you are asleep.

The Aladdin Timeline

Founder Craig Weiss has lucid dream about his father who passed away in 2008.

May 2014

Nature publishes Voss paper, entitled, "Induction of self awareness in dreams through frontal low current stimulation of gamma activity."

June 2014

Initial feasibility discussions with Neurosurgeon Dr. Dan Lieberman.

January 2015

Consultations with Neuroscientist John Shambroom, former VP of Ops at Zeo and Chris Drake, Phd and Director of Henry Ford Sleep Center.

July-August 2015

Aladdin Dreamer, Inc. incorporated

August 2015

Dr. Josh Klein, MD/Phd and Professor of Neurology, Harvard Medical School joins Aladdin’s Scientific Advisory Board

October 2015

First generation prototype completed, providing a timer-triggered electrical stimulation.

February 2016

Aladdin becomes first lucid dream stimulation company to complete IRB-approved human clinical trial replicating the Voss findings published in Nature. Clinical study conducted at Henry Ford Hospital, Detroit, Michigan.

May 2016

Second generation prototype completed, including EEG detection and REM-triggered electrical stimulation.

June 2016

Aladdin Awarded U.S. Patent 9,737,683

August 2017

Third generation wireless prototype completed, including mobile app.

November 2017

Moran Cerf, Ph.D. and Professor of Neuroscience and Business at the Kellogg School of Management joins Aladdin’s Scientific Advisory Board

December 2017

Aladdin selected as Finalist for NFL’s 1st & Future Startup Competition in partnership with the Mayo Clinic

January 2018

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