Aladdin Successfully Completes IRB-Approved Clinical Study

In May, 2016 Aladdin became the first lucid dream stimulation company to complete an Institutional Review Board (IRB) approved human clinical trial replicating the Voss findings published in 2014 in Nature. Aladdin’s clinical study was conducted at Henry Ford Hospital, Detroit, Michigan.

In the Aladdin blinded study, 12 subjects each spent 3 nights in a sleep lab during which we were able to successfully test a variety of stimulation protocols. Aladdin sought IRB approval for a clinical study not only to demonstrate the efficacy of our technology but also to help distinguish Aladdin from other companies that claim to rely on science for their products but have not done clinical studies to substantiate their claims.

Stay up-to-date with our evidence-backed technology.

What is Lucid Dreaming?

A lucid dream is any dream where the dreamer becomes aware that they are dreaming. During a lucid dream, you can learn to take control over your actions and environment- changing the course of the dream itself.

Why is Lucid Dreaming Useful?

For most people, dreams deliver a random set of experiences that happen without our conscious input or control, and only a small percentage of people regularly experience lucid dreams. When you become the architect of your experience however, the possibilities are limitless.

Through intention alone, you travel to distant or fictional places, face fears or reconnect with loved ones, and even further your personal development. Studies indicate that practicing actions in a lucid dream improves your waking performance of those same actions: what will you learn and do?

Lucid Dreaming

Gain control over your dreams to create fantastic and useful experiences.

Sleep Tracking

Discover the quality of your sleep in order to improve it.

Smart Alarm

Wake up at the ideal moment in your sleep cycle, rising easily and refreshed.

Dream Recall

Aladdin’s in-app journal and dream stimulation help you remember your dreams more clearly.

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We believe lucid dreaming will change the world.

The Aladdin Lucid Dream Stimulator is our first leap towards this vision- and yet only the beginning of the sleep & dreaming technology of the future. Think about the time, energy and money spent enhancing the enjoyment of our waking hours, whether on entertainment,  friends and family, wellness or travel. Now consider those efforts, but utilizing dreaming hours and without the restrictions of money and energy.

We’re in this together.

Our technology amplifies and improves your practice of lucid dreaming, but like any skill- mastery requires dedication. By utilizing collective data insights from our opt-in community, your practice can make it easier for new lucid dreamers to get started, just by updating our app on their smartphone.


How Our Technology Works

A combination of one device and one smartphone app.

The Aladdin Lucid Dreaming Stimulator utilizes EEG to monitor your brain activity,  determining and tracking your stage of sleep far more accurately than any wrist-worn wearable. Both the EEG detection and the stimulation are delivered through an electrode strip that is easily placed on your forehead before sleep.

A control unit connected to the electrode strip wirelessly communicates with our app on your smartphone.  The app not only tracks and records your stages of sleep, but also communicates the optimized stimulation protocol to the headband.

Your information will be stored in the Aladdin app on your smartphone, showing you how long it took for you to fall asleep and how long you were in deep sleep versus shallow sleep or REM/Dream sleep. This knowledge can help you improve the quality of your sleep as you learn the connections between your waking activities and the impact they have on the quality of your sleep.


Once Aladdin detects that you are in the REM cycle (the dreaming stage of sleep that your body experiences 4-6 times each night,) Aladdin utilizes a proprietary algorithm to provide a gentle low-current electrical stimulation to the forehead.The area of the brain that resides behind the forehead is known as the prefrontal cortex, which, among other executive functions, controls reasoning.  When we are awake, this area of our brain is always active- allowing us to utilize our reasoning skills.  During the REM stage of sleep however, clinical studies have shown that the reasoning center of our brain is dormant. Without that active reasoning center, we tend to just “go with it” instead of questioning how we could find ourselves in the strange predicaments common in dreams.

Aladdin’s stimulation nudges the nerve cells in the prefrontal cortex of the brain, making it easier for those neurons to fire, like when we are awake.  Once the reasoning center of the brain is active during a dream, we are now able to notice the peculiarities of the dream and realize that we are in fact dreaming.

Once you are aware that you are dreaming,  you can take control of your dream and spend that time doing whatever you can imagine.

The possibilities & benefits of Lucid Dreams are limitless.

Entertainment & Adventure

Star in your own movie. Fly. Win the SuperBowl. Explore the fantastic possibilities of your imagination.

Physical and Mental

Practice physical activities. Experience life as a younger person. Study math or languages. You can practice and enhance your abilities while you sleep, or create situations which challenge and test your skills.


Travel anywhere you want. This planet or not. And at any time period you want.

Rest and Relaxation

Change a stressful dream into a fun one.

Spiritual Exploration

Make spiritual contact. Re-connect with loved ones, distant or passed.


Explore intimacy in a private and socially responsible way.

Founder Craig Weiss has lucid dream about his father who passed away in 2008.

May 2014

Nature publishes Voss paper, entitled, "Induction of self awareness in dreams through frontal low current stimulation of gamma activity."

June 2014

Initial feasibility discussions with Neurosurgeon Dr. Dan Lieberman.

January 2015

Consultations with Neuroscientist John Shambroom, former VP of Ops at Zeo and Chris Drake, Phd and Director of Henry Ford Sleep Center.

July-August 2015

Aladdin Dreamer, Inc. incorporated

August 2015

Dr. Josh Klein, MD/Phd and Professor of Neurology, Harvard Medical School joins Aladdin’s Scientific Advisory Board

October 2015

First generation prototype completed, providing a timer-triggered electrical stimulation.

February 2016

Aladdin becomes first lucid dream stimulation company to complete IRB-approved human clinical trial replicating the Voss findings published in Nature. Clinical study conducted at Henry Ford Hospital, Detroit, Michigan.

May 2016

Second generation prototype completed, including EEG detection and REM-triggered electrical stimulation.

June 2016

Third generation wireless prototype completed, including mobile app.

June 2017

Our Team of Entrepreneurs, scientists, and doctors.


Craig Weiss

Founder & CEO


John Shambroom, B.S.E.E.

Acting Chief Scientist


Joshua Klein, M.D., Ph.D.

Scientific Advisory Board


Daniel Lieberman, M.D.

Scientific Advisory Board


Chris Drake, Ph.D.

Scientific Advisory Board

Lucid Dream Stimulator + App

  • Easier Lucid Dreams

    Algorithm updates to the Aladdin app results in better lucid dream stimulation.

  • Dream Journal

    Record your dreams using text or audio easily.

  • Smart Alarm

    Our device monitors your sleep cycles to awaken you during an ideal window, avoiding grogginess and leaving you refreshed.

  • Multi-Platform

    Coming soon for iOS and Android.

  • Better Dream Recall

    Stimulation enhances dream recall.

  • Sleep Tracking

    Our application monitors and helps you visualize your quality of sleep over time.




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Lucid Dreaming has been around for thousands of years. A recent study (Voss) showed that stimulation could dramatically incease the likelihood of lucid dreaming, a result we have duplicated in our own studies. So we set out to bring this technology to the masses.

Electrical stimulation is common in medical practice. For instance, TENS units are using commonly in Physical Therapy, neuro-stimulation is used for the treatment of depression and anxiety and electrical stimulation is even being utilized directly inside the brain for the treatment of Parkinsons and other motor movement disorders.

The Aladdin Lucid Dream Stimulator is not designed to adversely affect your sleep in any way. While the Aladdin Stimulator uses EEG recording technology throughout your asleep, it is only stimulating you while you are dreaming, which is a small percentage of the overall time that you are asleep.

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